Goodspeed 4G Mobile Hotspot US EXCLUSIVE

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Goodspeed 4G Mobile Hotspot together with our Traveler plan offers high-speed, low-cost and secure mobile data roaming globally. More...

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Product Description

This US EXCLUSIVE deal for the Goodspeed 4G Mobile Hotspot is the perfect portable Wi-Fi that keeps your smartphone, tablet and laptop connected to the internet anywhere across the 50 states. Stream series, check your email, do your online shopping even when you're not at home.

  • High speed 4G LTE connection
  • Private Wi-Fi network for up to 15 devices
  • Pay-as-you-go with flat-rate data everywhere in the US at  $5/GB
  • Convenient for anyone, especially handy if you frequently spend time away from home
  • Special Holiday Sale, makes for a great holiday present for those you love and want to stay in touch with
  • Free US shipping - limited time only